Odex Enterprise is our business integration platform that oversees the processing and exchange of electronic business documents between your IT systems and those of your trading partners.

Odex Enterprise helps you integrate IT systems by automating the exchange of documents and transforming data between different system formats. Integrating your systems improves the efficiency of your business, eliminates errors and promotes new ways of collaborating with your trading partners.

  • Automate your business processes
  • Real-time file exchange visibility
  • Superior built-in protocol connectivity
  • Transform data to trading partner specifications
  • Send inbound and outbound files in multiple formats
  • Cutting edge security features to keep your data safe


Epic is designed specifically for large corporations with high traffic environments. Therefore, our enterprise level integration solution offers B2B integration and Managed File Transfer. As a result, you can integrate internal systems, business processes and trading partners.

  • Load balancing and high throughput
  • Resource on demand
  • OFTP2 – Certified by ODETTE
  • Data security
  • Business activity monitoring
  • Business process management
  • Comprehensive protocol support
  • Document recognition
  • System integration

XE Mapping Tool

XE is a powerful EDI mapping tool that gives companies of all sizes the ability to integrate internal systems and applications with trading partners. Secondly, it is the perfect solution for the most simple or the most complex of mappings.

  • Advanced logic functions
  • Integrate internal systems with trading partners
  • EUser-friendly drag and drop interface
  • Supports all common EDI file formats
  • Standards reference library
  • Report designer with data definition editor


Our switching service is called EASYSERV and can connect your company to various trading partners that you cannot connect to directly.

Many international companies make use of various VANS (Value Added Networks). If you want to connect directly to them, you will require connectivity software and a mailbox subscription, which can be very costly.

EASYSERV allows you to have one connection which we are able to connect to any VAN, making it very cost effective.

Part of switching can also include the transformation of files from any structured format to any other structured format, enabling you to receive a single type formatted file.

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