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EDIserv (Pty) Ltd is part of the CEB group of companies, established in 1989 with the specific objective to service the EDI market. EDIserv is the distributor of EDI software for various British companies. Apart from software sales, EDIserv also provides various services to different communities. EDIserv is involved in software sales, installations, training, interfacing with applications as well as EDI outsourcing. Total turnkey solutions are available.

EASYserv was established in 1994, where a mailbox facility was created, enabling small companies and individuals to use EDI. This switching service was created mainly for the automotive industry, where all the manufacturers, and most of their suppliers, have the EDIserv EDI software.

Apart from the automotive industry, EDIServ is also present in the oil, medical and logistics industries.


The products EDIserv provides, include Odex, Epic, XE Mapping Tool and Switching

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EDIServ provides services to the Automotive, Logistics, Oil and Medical industries

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